ViaTEXT – Convenient, faster and reliable Text Messaging solution

Over the years, Text Messaging has taken center stage as a communication mechanism, especially in the US and Canada. Having increased number of mobile users, extended coverage and offering instant results provided organizations and individuals with having more and convenient participations in their daily business.

There is no question about the reliable functioning of text messaging, especially in everyday processes. Communications are made better, accurate and faster.

Proven, leading-edge text messaging!

Through its web interfaces and technology, Viatext provides a platform-independent operation and monitoring of delivery of message broadcasting.

Viatext services can be integrated into the personnel and corporate information systems using existing infrastructure, database, and line of business applications. Viatext Servers are based on a true three-tier client server architecture using leading technologies.

You choose how you want the messages to be delivered..

Viatext Server facilitates the sending of text messages via three types of transport; Our secure IP Gateway, GSM Modem or PSTN/TAP. Unlike other text message solutions you decide how you want the messages to be delivered.

Architecture and Operating Environment

The Viatext Servers’ applications are designed to operate under various operating systems and runs as a ‘Service’. The Server Manager provides the management interface for administration of message queues, users and sessions and it can be run from any networked computer.


Live Monitoring over the Internet.

Multilingual operation.

Extremely easy to use with minimum or no training required.

Expandable and customizable to suit your unique business’ needs.

Allows for advanced prioritizing, searching and categorizing.

Hosted solution allowing secure access anytime, anywhere, 24×7.

Requires no additional investment or software to install.

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TimeTAG – Time and Attendance Management

How our platforms are different? ]PDF]

ViaTEXT provides businesses with a variety of time-tracking options, such as:
  • Biometric / fingerprint time entries.
  • Proximity detection devices (e.g., key fobs, or ID cards).
  • Web-based time entry.
  • Mobile time clocks with optional GPS data.